I am Nikon

Some times hand me downs are the best presents of all. My first camera was a used Nikon film camera and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Although I have used other equipment, including the ever popular mirrorless, I always end up back at Nikon. Today, I rely on a Nikon D5 and Nikon D500. And of course, always with an eye on what’s new, I am looking at the 850.

For sports and wildlife photography, the full frame Nikon D5, at 12-14 frames per second, captures action without missing a beat. Day or night, the D5 is a workhorse and it has served me well. The custom features allow photographers to create menus and settings that make shooting easier.

The much less expensive D500, with a cropped sensor, shoots up to 10 frames per second. The D500 is also outstanding for sports and wildlife photography. Much lighter than the D5, the D500 is a very versatile camera.

For great reviews on both check out  https://www.dpreview.com/ and  https://photographylife.com.

If you are willing to invest in an incredible piece of machinery, know what you have. Learn what the settings are and READ the manual!