Out with the Old

New camera gear is pretty exciting, but what do you do with your used photo equipment?

Amazon and ebay are both options for selling a variety of things from photo backpacks to camera bodies. Registering as a seller is not too complicated, although it is a process. Using Amazon and ebay, sellers have the flexibility to set their own prices. If using ebay, once you have a deal, make sure you get paid before shipping anything out and beware the buyer who offers to pay more for expedited shipping or who contacts you directly by email.

In some cases, older equipment is not worth the effort of selling. Between shipping and fees on sites like Amazon and ebay, the return can be disappointing. In that case, why not consider donating? In many communities there are organizations, and even schools that are thrilled with used photography equipment and will put it to good use.

If you consistently buy from a reputable camera shop, they might be willing to take used equipment in on a trade against a new purchase. Check with your retailer to find out.

One of the easiest ways to sell used equipment is KEH https://www.keh.com. The first page of the KEH website shows “shop” and “sell.” Simply type in what you are selling and KEH displays a variety of potential matches. Click on the one that best describes your merchandise and KEH lists the items that might be included. You are then asked to rate the condition. If you accept the price and terms, you simply print the receipt and label, pack up your used item, ship it all off to KEH and wait for your payment.

With the constant improvements being made to digital equipment, selling used gear can help to offset the cost of purchasing new gear.